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Pectin Methyl Esterase (PME) Enzyme & Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) 




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Keeving Kit - $2.00 Makes 5-Gallons (19L) of Naturally-Sweet Old-World Hard Cider. Ship Worldwide, In Transit Within 24-Hours! Bulk Available.  

While waiting for your order to arrive and to learn about cider types and keeving; refer to the links at left, the Customer Photos and Procedure above. To make your own English or French Normandy-style sparkling cider (Cidre Bouche), pay special attention to the details, requirements, and use your pre-measured Keeving Kit with the included Instructions. Please note that if your juice has been pasteurized, preservatives have been added, or the juice is from dessert apples instead of cider-apples or perry-pears high pectin, it's likely that keeving will fail. However, with that said, by sheer virtue of using your Keeving Kit, 100% spontaneous keeving success is not guaranteed either. With these kits, helps advanced cider-makers and home cider-makers ensure that the cap (chapeau brun) forms, rises, and the keeving process completes slowly and naturally. Remember, should keeving fail (the cap does not rise), don't worry the juice is not lost as a result. If the juice is free of contaminants, pH and SG are correct, rack the juice to leave the submerged cap behind, add yeast if desired, and allow normal fermentation to proceed for your usual dry-style hard cider or perry.

The Promise: The grade and quality of what you put in your cider and perry must be first-class if you expect first-class results! With this kit, you will receive fresh food-grade, highly purified PME (Pectin Methyl Esterase) made from Kosher-Certified raw materials that contain no preservatives. The concentrated PME in this Keeving Kit is specifically-formulated to keeve apple and pear juice only. The PME is produced by ISO 9001:2000 Certified manufacturing and research facility that has been in the business for almost half a century. Also included is premium food-grade calcium chloride (also made from, Kosher-Certified materials that reach the mandatory purity standard of 97% and is measured specificilly to match the concentration of PME in the Keeving Kit. These Keeving Kits are formulated and blended in the United States and are NOT imported from China. Moreover, these materials do not leave a residual flavor taint associated with low grade PME and Calcium Chloride.


Keeving Kit - $2.00 Makes 5-Gallons (19L) of Naturally-Sweet Old-World Hard Cider. Ship Worldwide, In Transit Within 24-Hours! Bulk Available.

After tasting a good keeved hard apple cider from Normandy France, I have found my all-time favorite.

The crisp carbonation, the balanced residual sweetness, and the delightful
full-body bouquet of apples with hints of vanilla make this cider one of the most popular in Europe, and likely anywhere else hard cider-lovers try it.

Visit the Links Below to gain Great Background Knowledge on Keeving and How to Make Your Own French or Normandy-Style Sparkling Cider or Perry:

First-Class Publications in My Collection for Keeving and Making Premium Hard Cider and Perry.


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This PME (Pectin Methyl Esterase) is not Pectic Enzyme, Pectinase, or Pectolase. These are used for clarification in non-keeved ciders and is not formulated for Keeving.

Other forms of PME used for processing grapes, tomatos, or other purposes are formulated differently and are incorrectly concentrated for keeving.









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The Keeving Kit shown to the left, is pre-measured and formulated to treat 7-gallons or (26.5L) of freshly pressed apple or pear juice. The Keeving Kit contains the following items:

  • Three Pages of Detailed Instructions with tips and helpful advice that will guide you through the keeving process, so you have the best chances of success resulting in the famous keeved hard cider. 
  • Part A: The left-hand bag shown, contains Pectin Methyl Esterase (PME) "NOT Pectic Enzyme or Pectolase"
  • Part B: The right-hand bag shown, contains Calcium Chloride (CaCl2), "NOT Chalk or Salt".


Note: The shelf-life of the Keeving Kit is 2-years when stored in a refrigerator and kept away from sunlight. When using PME the second year, add 20% extra PME to compensate for the natural potency-decline.

Note: The initial 7-gallon amount of juice is typically required to achieve 5-gallons of cider because after the keeve, and after 'racking' (siphoning-out the clear cider), up to up to 2-gallons (7.6L) of  the cider is lost from the creation of the 'chapeau brun' (lower-left photo) and 'lees'. The goal is to be able to completely fill a 5-gallon carboy with minimal air space for long-term cold ferment. 

Price: $2.00. One Keeving Kit prepares 7-gallons (26.5L) of raw juice   

Shipping: We ship from USA by way of US Postal Service when Possible. Orders go out twice a week.

NOTE: Keeving Kits and PME Will Become Available Again September 1, 2018 for the Start of the Cider Season.

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