-Apple Pectinase: (Clarifys Hard-Cider, Fruit & Berry Juice)


Why Use This Apple Pectinase for Your Hard Cider?

Adding wine pectinases or combo fruit/vegetable pectinases with the un-required enzymes to your highly-prized sweet, bittersweet, or bittersharp apple juice can result in flavor taint or other problems down the road. If you are making English, French, or American Style hard apple cider (not Perry), this specially-formulated pectinase will clarify your juice, and process apple pulp so you can achieve maximum yield without problems. This natural and non-synthetic enzyme blend has high pectolytic activities of pectinlyase (endo-PL), pectinesterase (PE), polygalacturonase (endo-PG) and hemicellulase activities. Should you choose to experiment with custom blending, an extended feature of this pectinase enables you to make your own array of colorful-flavored stock juice concentrates from currant, gooseberry, plum, cherry, apricot, and other berries or fruit. Without using artificial colors, flavors, saccharin, or cane sugar to back sweeten an insipidly-tart cider to save it and make it pleasant to drink, your clear juice stocks also provide a great option. Also high-end concentrated stock for making your own liqueurs without the unwanted extra enzyme activities can also be enjoyed.

If you are making perry, keep in mind that this apple pectinase and most other pectinase enzymes do successfully break down the cellular structure of the fruit skin of pears as it does for apples, but they poorly address the arabanase haze that is specific to pear juice. For perry clarification, use the Pear Pectinase instead. This apple pectinase will clear the pectin haze in apple juice.

This apple pectinase can complete three main tasks on your juice or pulp and is really designed for your hard cider tasks!

1. Maceration: ~Improving the Juice Yield and Tannin Extraction ~

  • This apple pectinase is specifically designed for the maceration of apple pulp, stone-fruit pulp, and most berry pulp. Make your juice extraction more economical by allowing pulp maceration to proceed with this apple enzyme. The volume of your free-run juice can be increased no matter how simple or effective your pressing equipment is. Filtration is improved by the enzyme activity that reduces viscosity, improves settling, and improves filtration efficiancy.

2. Clarification: ~Getting the Pectin Haze Out ~

  • This apple pectinase is formulated to do an outstanding job of "removing the pectin haze and reduces the browning of apple and berry juice without the addition of un-required enzyme activities.

3. Sweating: ~Converting the Starches into Sugars ~

  • To maximize and hasten ripening can be done by creating a water/pectinase solution where the apples, stone fruit, or berries can be dipped or sprayed. The enzyme blend will break down the cell walls of the apple or fruit skin, which enables faster ripening, the reduction of nitrogen, and the complete conversion of starches into sugars. In order to create a top quality hard cider sparkling or not, picked apples almost always need the additional sweating process to occur. An additional benefit is that due to the time gap created from the different ripening periods of various apple types, using the dip or spray can close this gap and allow creative cider-makers to blend certain apple varieties before ferment for more of a complex palette of flavor and nose. On a large scale and depending on the gap between ripening times, separate harvest periods may be eliminated and combined by using the dip or spray solution after the fruit has been picked. For large-scale fruit producers the economical gains are obvious. Instructions are included with all Apple Pectinase Kits.

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Apple Pectinase Quality:

  • Food-Grade, Non-Synthetic
  • Organic-Certifyable
  • Kosher Certified
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 (International Quality System Standard).
  • Complies with FAO/WHO JECFA, FCC, and IFOAM purity standards for food enzymes, and is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the U.S.Food and Drug Administration and International Specifications.

Apple Pectinase Activities in Juice/Pulp:

  • Clarifies and increases juice yield of cider-apple pulp.
  • Allows for natural CO2 carbonation to progress.
  • Completely water soluble.
  • Enzyme activity exists up to: alcohols level of 17%v/v.
  • Enzyme treatment time can be as low as 30 to 60 minuites. Increasing enzyme treatment time decreases enzyme dosage.
  • Works well with without having to adjust the natural pH of fruits.
  • Enzyme activity exists up to: free SO2 more than 500 ppm.
  • Enzyme activity can be inactivated with bentonite.
  • High tannins may disrupt or reduce enzyme activity.
  • Ripeness of apples still impacts related outcomes.

Apple Pectinase Activity at Temperature Ranges:

  • Enzyme treatment temperature and time can adjust amount of enzyme used.
  • Works over a wide temp range: active from (10-60° C).
  • Temperature inactivation occurs at 149° F (65° C).
  • Works best between temp range: 86°-131° F (30°-55° C).

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