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Apple Pectinase

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NOTE: Both choices below use the same apple pectinase, it is just that they are premeasured to help maximize your sucess.
- Juice Clarification -

Clears Juice Only. Uses Least Amount of Pectinase.

- Pulp Maceration -

Prevent Filter Clogging , Increase Yield , and Clarify. Uses Twice as Much Pectinase.

Select Amount of Juice to Clarify:
Select Amount of Pulp to Macerate:
NOTE: Saving Unused Pectinase for Next Year: Only one application of pectinase is made, not both. So if you have unused apple pectinase, no worries! To ensure that the enzyme only declines in potency by 5-10 % per year from the date of purchase; store in a tightly sealed Zip-Lock type bag, out of light in a cool-dry place at or below 50° F (10°C). Do not Freeze. Next season to adjust for decline, either add an extra 10% apple pecyinase to the juice/pulp, or reduce the amount of juice/pulp by 10%. The third year adjust by 20%.
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